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Behavioural Counselling

Unfortunately, behavioural problems are among the most common reasons pets are surrendered to shelters or given to a new owner. Common concerns include aggressive behaviour, excessive barking, separation anxiety and inappropriate elimination in the house. Having to deal with these problems day after day can lead to frustration and potentially serious stress on the loving relationship you have with your pet.

I am very committed to helping you maintain the bond with your pet. Do not delay to bring your pet as soon as you have any concerns about a potential behaviour issue. The sooner you intervene, the better the chance of resolution of the problem.

Any behaviour problem requiring more involved treatment, such as biting, I prefer to refer to a board certified veterinary behaviourist or to qualified trainers if appropriate.

Many behavioural problems actually start with underlying medical disease. All of my behaviour workups include a thorough history, a full physical examination of your pet in addition to blood tests and urinalysis to detect any underlying problems. In some cases, a behaviour investigation includes radiographs as many pets develop aggressive behaviour as their only symptom of pain. Appropriate medical therapy will be prescribed as well as behavioural modification exercises in certain cases.

If you are concerned that your pet has a behavioural issue, please do not hesitate to call to book an appointment for a behavioural consultation. Early treatment may potentially change your pet’s behaviour and have the chance of full resolution.